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Design The design department at Al Baraq Steel consists of highly skilled and motivated Professional Structural and Civil Engineers with specialist knowledge of Structural Steel Design. The design process offers our clients innovative concepts and solutions.

Pre-Engineered Buildings A Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings is composed of two distinct subsystems which are :-The Pre-Engineered Steel Building Structure, The Panels and Panel Accessories.

Blasting Machine Welding For proper surface preparation to comply with the required degree of cleaning and surface profile that will prevent premature failure of the coating system and for good coating adhesion.

WeldingABSW welding works using FCAW and SMAW, processes are based on the structural Welding Code of the American Welding Society and the specification of the American Institute of Steel Construction. Daily workmanship of all welders are being monitored and evaluated every 6 days consecutive working period as required by the ABSW Quality Control System.

Manpower, Machinery and InfrastructureTo meet the needs and wants of its customers, Al Baraq stands on the know-how of an experienced and qualified engineers, reliable estimators capable of assessing various projects and qualified production technicians. This team can assist you in any type of projects, erection of steel structures and fabrication. Al Baraq has the equipment support to meet the various standards or more complex needs of its customers in the construction field. Al Baraq facilities are equipped with latest tools and machines and adequate stock of materials. Using this equipment, our team can meet all special requirements and orders for conventional steel structural and heavy steel works.

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Al Baraq Steel Works L.L.C , located at the New Industrial Area – Ajman was established on the 29th March 2006 as a result of the study conducted by a group of experienced professionals at various levels (Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales and Management). They believed that, to augment the need for providing engineering services, a company manned by professionals shall be established for the purpose of providing diversified services which highlights mainly on engineering services, particularly on steel structures. This company will cater the needs for the design, detailing, fabrication & erection of almost all imaginable structural steel structures. The company was established to supply state-of-the-art fabricated structural steel structures in the industry. ABSW is equipped with the latest design and detailing software to ensure the accuracy of its engineering personnel's output in addition to the expertise of its current employees. Our plant has all the available machines and equipments, which is necessary in fabricating steel structures in the soonest possible time. In addition to our engineering and machines capability, the company is also maintaining a Quality Assurance Program to avoid production errors and to ensure the quality of its delivered products. ABSW is able to design and fabricate different types of steel structures such as buildings, warehouses, pipe racks, pipe/cable bridges, platform, equipment support and others which can be used for commercial, industrial, petro-chemical and any other purposes. We can also do different types of miscellaneous steel to compliment our main structures such as ladders, staircases, caged ladders, handrail and others. To complete the whole structure, we can also supply different types of flooring system such as grating, decking, chequered plates and other types as long as it is made of steel. Our company is very flexible in providing the needs of our different clients. We can do the design up to the fabrication and supply of steel structures and in cases where our clients already have their design, we can still help by just providing them our fabrication and supply of their steel structures.


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