CONSTRUCTION DEPARTMENTThe most vital Division in the contracting, with 24 hours daily following up for sites and progress of each project according to approved programs of works in coordination with area agents, project managers and site engineers in order to achieve the following goals: Sites follow up, supervise preliminaries stage, and study the project schedule and program of works. Follow up and activate all safety rules at sites. Assign and follow up with qualified sub-contractors and attend coordination meetings with them in order to achieve top quality of works exceeding clients’ satisfaction.

Operation & Logistic DivisionPlanning execution of all preliminaries stage with site managers and engineers. Listing the need of manpower for each project in coordination with Construction Manager and arranging labors movement among projects. It is also responsible for distributing and arranging machinery, vehicles and cars according to sites needs and priority, as well as renting and making contracts of cars & vehicles needed for our sites and vehicles needed for workers and transportation. Reviewing and activating of all site reports on a daily basis through site visits and following up with site managers and engineers. Studying the project schedule and execute the works according to it. Preparing weekly reports about the workers and vehicles distribution at sites.

Contracts DepartmentIt is one of the most important divisions in the company. Reviewing, studying properly and with all concerned departments the Contract done by the consultant or client, meetings with both parties in order to reach the final form prior to the signature of General Manager and prepare the contracts agreement in case not done by consultant for General Manager Signature. Preparing the agreements with all Sub-Contractors in charge of Civil or Electro Mechanical works and for the hiring of equipment.

EstimationEstimating the cost of the project is the basic step in ensuring the successful implementation of the proposed plans of action for any project. They are responsible for estimating the cost of the project and assist in determining the cost of the product or service that will be manufactured.

ProcurementProcurement division consists of materials engineers, purchase officers and storekeepers. Once the tender is awarded, the procurement division takes over and starts studying the project requirement with regards to the materials and sub-contracts.

PlanningThe planning division aspiring to accentuate and to develop new dimension and lifestyle in the planning process, so as to achieve the highly regard standardization and documentation procedure in the parallel way of approach by which derived of the following objectives: To be able to identify the status of the projects upon updating the construction schedule programs by which incurred from sites. To be able to acquire a monthly reports from all sites as the projects get started and progresses. To be able to establish a Quality Planning records and reports

Design & Drafting DivisionConsist of 5 draftsmen for architectural, civil, electrical, plumbing and air conditioning shop drawings preparation.

I.T. DepartmentInformation Technology Department operates Local Area Network administration and other divisions of the group. Its Main Task is to build the company’s information infrastructure such as networks, security management, system management, data interchange, internet, and to deliver and maintain common widely used technology services and solutions for supporting Company’s projects management entirely during each stage of the implementation process utilizing Variety of Software solutions and systems.

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Ali Mousa & Sons Holding Group (AMSHG) journey of growth started in 1978 in the coastal town of Khorfakan, when founder and current chairman Mr. Ali Mousa Alnaqbi set up AMS Contracting as a small private family firm with a vision of contributing to the construction boom sweeping the United Arab Emirates, which was on the cusp of becoming a leading economic center in the Region. AMS Started in 1978, and through 39 years, AMSC, based on mutual trust with clients, ease of communication and smooth collaboration across locations and departments, has prided itself on an impressive record of successfully completed projects earned recognition for undertaking large complex projects and making a difference for our clients, employees and community.

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