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Disposable Products

Aluminum Foil

Cosmoplast aluminum foil is a multi-purpose product that preserves the aroma and freshness of the food and can be moulded into any shape. It withstands high heat and extreme cold temperatures that makes it perfect for grilling and freezing as well. Cosmoplast aluminum foils are ideal to minimize clean up, and will ensure your food stays fresh and delicious.

Cling Film

Cosmoplast cling wrap is ideal to preserve your food whether in freezer or room temperature. Produced in highest standards of hygiene and are packed in boxes that are easy to use whether in kitchens or on the move.


Cosmoplast plastic trays are indispensable in the food service industry. Our range of trays is practical solutions in restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and in places where food-serving etiquette matters the most. In a range of sizes and shapes our assortment of quality catering plastic ware will enable you to outfit any size function with style, elegance and practicality.


Cutlery and Straws


Cosmoplast plastic cutlery is available in individual cases of forks, spoons and knifes. Our entire plastic cutlery is durable, lightweight, hygienic and constructed from medium weight plastic which makes it easy to handle.


Cosmoplast plastic drinking straws are available in a variety of colours and diameters to fit numerous needs for any occasion. These drinking straws are great for use in receptions, banquets, or any other function whether casual or formal.




Plastic Catering Containers

 Cosmoplast catering containers with lids are perfect for any hot or cold foods that require lock-tight, leak-proof containers for safe, reliable take-out. Combining good looks with functionality our containers give a long shelf life to the packed products due to its barrier properties. They can be printed with a design of customer choice up to 6 colours.

Molded Products

Insulated Containers

 Manufactured by Cosmoplast under the brand name Keep Cold and Keep Hot, these containers are designed to meet the highest standards of durability and temperature control providing the absolute best in thermal insulation. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, these insulated containers are ideal for cold and hot applications and are perfect for picnics, outings and holidays.

Over the years, Cosmoplast has earned the reputation of being the market leader in the UAE and other GCC countries. The product range includes:

• Keep Cold Ice Boxes

• Keep Cold Water Coolers

• Keep Hot Boxes

These Iceboxes, water coolers and hot boxes are made of high quality CFC free polymers using a highly sophisticated manufacturing technology to provide them with the best thermal insulationand are made with strong hinges and handles to withstand rough handling.


Plastic Furniture


The high quality of Cosmoplast products help maintain our position as the leading brand of plastic furniture in the region. Easy to clean, stack and transport, our furniture range is available in a variety of colors and designs to meet all expectations of our customers.

Garden Products

Cosmoplast range of garden pots and planters are available in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes to perfectly enhance the beauty of your garden. Be it for home or a commercial project, you can find exactly what you need with our range of garden care products.


The strong ribs of the crates provide great strength making it ideal for all material handling, storage and transportation applications. The plastic crates are stackable, thus having more storage space.

Infrastructure Pipes

uPVC & GRP Well Casings and Screens

Cosmoplast well casings and screens are widely used in water well extraction in the gulf region. We offer a comprehensive solutions through our extensive range of casings and screens in uPVC and GRP. The uPVC double walled deep well acsing provide water extraction solution for the most remote areas in the Gulf Region that require wells of up to 600m depth. The GRP casing & screen system has many advantages over the steel pipes used in deep well applications.

Some of the key advantages of Cosmoplast casing & screens are:

Leight weight & corrosion resistant.

Easy to install

Ideal for remote irrigation areas

Avaliable in diameters up to 1200mm

Additional filtering options through Granule Pack and Gravel Pack

Continuous slotted pipe and perforated pipes for easy water flow


Pre-Insulated Pipes & Fittings

Pre-insulated pipes are manufactured for district cooling, oil & gas and other industrial applications using both insulation methods of injected foam or sprayed foam as per customer requirements. The core pipe can be supplied in Polyethylene (PE), cross linked polyethylene (PEX), steel or Glass Re-enforced Plastic (GRP) pipe and the jacket pipe are made of either high density polyethylene or GRP pipe.

While the core pipes can range in sizes from 20mm up to 1500mm, the jacket can be made up to the size of 2000mm in diameter.

Cosmoplast also supplies leak detection system for District cooling applications.

The different types of jacket core pipe configration include: HDPE-HDPE, GRP-HDPE, HDPE-GRP, GRP-GRP, HDPE-Steel, GRP-Steel.

Plumbing System

Fabricated Plumbing Products

Cosmoplast presents wide range of customs made fabricated fittings and accessories made of uPVC, HDPE, ABS & polypropylene or GRP materials to suit different applications areas in sewerage, water supply, irrigation, soil & waste applications.

Examples of Cosmoplast fabricated items are:

Grease Traps

Gully Traps

Dry manholes, Catch basins

Sand traps

Bell Mounts etc.


Plumbing Accessories

As a provider of complete plumbing solutions we also present the highest quality solvent cements, cleaners, and joint lubricants manufactured by the top manufacturers in the world. These products are manufactured to ASTM standards and certified by NSF.

A wide range of PP compression fittings are also supplied by Cosmoplast for use in high pressure applications using polyethylene pipes. These fittings are manufactured by the top European manufacturers according to the highest European Standards.

Pipes Clamps & Supports:

A wide range of pipe clamps and support are manufactured according to highest quality standards. These clamps and supports are widely used in drainage, water supply, and Fire Fighting Systems, and are applicable for most of the piping materials including uOVC, ABS, CPVC, PPR, GI etc.

uPVC Drainage Pipes & Fittings

With a wide range of uPVC drainage pipes and fittings covering a size range from 32mm up to 1000mm, Cosmoplast offer complete solution for our customer’s piping needs. Our range of uPVC systems offers comprehensive solutions required to complete any domestic or industrial drainage system. Cosmoplast drainage pipes and fittings are manufactured with both solvent welding sockets and rubber ring (Push Fit) sockets, which satisfies the various requirements of projects, designers and installers.

All our uPVC drainage pipes & fittings are manufactured and tested in accordance with the new British – European standards and awarded with BS Quality Kite Mark.

about us

With over 40 years of experience, Cosmoplast is a leading plastics manufacturer that incorporates its values of service and reliability with quality products. Founded in 1970, Cosmoplast pioneered the supply of building materials, infrastructure products and consumer goods in the emerging markets of the Middle East. At the outset, Cosmoplast started with the production of transport crates and polyethylene bags and today the company has grown to be the Middle East’s largest and most diversified pipe and well casing manufacturer. Renowned for their product range that includes house ware products, plastic thermoformed disposable cups and containers, outdoor furniture and a full line of coolers and iceboxes that are sold in retail outlets, hypermarkets, supermarkets, sporting goods, hardware and speciality stores in the UAE, GCC and 35 countries worldwide. The company’s headquarters are based in the UAE with complete manufacturing facilities in the United Arab Emirates, KSA and CIS that convert 120,000 MT of plastic material into finished goods each year in state of the art facilities. With over 1,000 personnel employed throughout the Middle East and Europe, the key to the company’s success is a combination of superior leadership and a diverse workforce who are dedicated to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction

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