Construction Division

From planning and design through to construction, Fibrex Contracting provides a comprehensive service - a complete ‘turnkey’ solution, working in partnership with the client to develop the optimum building solution. From our roots in manufacturing processes, Fibrex are able to apply the expertise and “know how “from our industrial background to all our specialist contracting divisions.


Fibrex Contracting have a broad and impressive portfolio of successfully completed projects, working either through conventional procurement, or through our acclaimed 'Design and Construct' facility – utilizing our extensive team at Architects, Specialist Engineers and Interior Designers.

Fibrex Contracting boast a proven track record for providing value engineered solutions, working hand in hand with our clients to ensure that their requirements for a project can be achieved with the optimization of design and cost.

The unique way the Group is structured allows Fibrex Contracting to tap into an established, specialized, and reliable internal supply chain capable of delivering products and services that meet the quality, programme and cost requirements required by our clients. Fibrex’s dedication and creativity coupled with its complimenting range of products and services to provide individual solutions for each and every project undertaken.

Engineering & Design

1)     Fibrex employs a large ‘in house’ design and engineering experts, in addition to establishing relationships with international design consultants providing the design expertise to deliver the right solution to the most intricate or unusual construction projects.

Through these resources we are able to encompass all elements of the building process - finishings and interior decorations.

Fibrex expertise lies in their ability to understand, analyze and interpret the client’s requirements to deliver a product engineered and designed to offer the client the ‘best value’ for their investment.

Fibrex operates a Quality Management System which complies fully with BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

Compliance with the standard requires the high quality of planning, project management and execution which has become the hallmark of the Group. Originally accredited in 1999, Fibrex has maintained its accreditation through all the subsequent audits, both internal and external.

We are also proud to have been selected to participate in the 1998 UAE ‘Offset’ programme, and are one of the first companies in the UAE to complete the program.

Fibrex Construction Group is committed to providing a high quality construction management service that fully meets the requirements and expectations of its Clients.

We view the Quality Management System as a base for continuous improvement in efficiency, effectiveness and customer service.

It is therefore subject to regular audit, review and opportunities for improvement.

We carry out the construction works in strict compliance with any relevant statutory requirements and in accordance with the relevant Specification, Codes and International Standards.

We implement a system of self certification by means of inspection, testing and monitoring which inspires Client confidence in our services. We are committed to timely delivery through effective planning preparation and supervision.


We develop our people to enhance their quality awareness and ensure that they have the knowledge to understand their responsibilities.


Fibrex Construction Group incorporates industry leading specialist companies with extensive manufacturing capabilities.

All our industries are able to provide a full technical service from inception, engineering, shop drawings and coordination with all related activities on site.

Fibrex Composites division continues the long tradition of Fibrex as the regions premier Pre-cast / Composites provider.

Fibrex Composites divisions offer a number of different precast and panel solutions including:

Glassfiber Reinforced Cement: GRC providing precast and decorative panels for internal and external cladding

GRP (Glassfiber Reinforced Polyester( providing an extremely flexible and lightweight product used for creating cladding panels, domes and other structures.

Glassfiber Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) is a lightweight and highly durable alternative to traditional gypsum.

Capable of delivering highly decorative finishes for larger and more durable structures.

The division has been involved in numerous prestigious projects in the UAE and Middle East, recent examples of these projects include:

Emirates palace hotel Abu Dhabi, Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi, Bait Al Barakah Palace Muscat Oman, Palm Jumeriah (numerous projects) Dubai.

Fibrex’s quality of craftsmanship means we have been commissioned to design, build and supply GRC/GRP products for a large number of prestigious palaces across the Middle East.

Our experienced artisans produce individually designed, highly decorative panels, domes, arches and columns for all application requirements.


Combined with our engineering expertise, construction management skills and first class customer care Fibrex Group is the regions premier contractor in delivering palace projects.


The Aluminium Division of Fibrex provide total solutions for building envelope systems using the extensive experience of various production technologies, research and development, and state of the art manufacturing equipment. The Aluminium Division includes the Aluglex cladding / curtain walling system that has been developed in France integrating the latest technology with the thermal break system, specific brush and composite material. These components help increase the energy efficiency of the system which is fully tested and certified by European laboratories.


The Joinery Division operates from extensive factory facilities in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi with the latest state of the art equipment and machinery. The division provides a complete one stop shop for joinery work, from working with interiors designers/architects n through to detailed engineering, manufacture, delivery and installation. All joinery items can be manufactured in-house, from large volume orders for doors, kitchens, wardrobes for residential schemes through to high end individual and bespoke pieces for palaces and five star hotels. Projects include apartments, villas, hotels, airports, palaces, sports complexes, restaurants and the like.

Interiors & Fitout Division

Fibrex Interiors is an interior design company with a contracting service for discerning, quality conscious corporations and clients that seek professional guidance in their design choices for commercial, residential, specialist and infrastructure spaces. From planning and design through to the execution of the works, Fibrex Interiors provides a comprehensive quality service. A complete turnkey solution, Fibrex Interiors employs a large in-house design and engineering team in addition to utilizing our established relationships with international design consultants to allow the right optimized solution to be used for even the most intricate and unusual interior construction projects. All interior works are fully coordinated with related trades, such as electro-mechanical and ither civil and architectural trades.

Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing

MEP Division undertakes large scale electro-mechanical works on major projects. Our comprehensive design service and extensive knowledge of local and international building codes, including LEED and Estidarma, allows the division to provide a complete sustainable engineering solution. The division has an extensive supply chain network, dealing with all of the top international brands and vendors of major equipment. The MEP team is well experienced in all electro-mechanical works including large and very specialized installations such a chilled water plants and energy transfer stations, electrical sub-stations and sewage treatment plants. The division is also well versed in the engineering and execution of complete infrastructure and utility networks. Our Engineers liaise and co-ordinate with all statutory authorities during the engineering approvals and final inspection and handover processes. Projects undertaken include high volume residential, low and high rise, shopping malls, schools and universities.


From our established expertise in the ‘off site’ manufacturing of construction elements we have expanded to incorporate a specialized contracting business delivering ‘pre cast’ building system solutions. \

Casting concrete in a factory allows the manufacturer to exercise precise control over all variables that affect its durability, strength, and appearance.

We are able to offer an integrated pre cast solution, through the early involvement of our ‘in house’ pre cast designers and our main contracting expertise.

We are able to maximize the benefits of this innovative ‘off site’ production method by standardizing the design, designing the panels to accommodate the integration of other construction components and application of the most economic and efficient structural design.

We are able to offer cost and program efficiencies by designing out at the earliest possible stage ‘in situ’ processes, and replacing them with controlled, standardized and quality assured systems, delivering to site the elements which are efficiently lifted and placed into position.

Pre Cast applications include:

Precast High Rise Buildings and Towers

Precast Systems for Offices, Industrial Buildings, Warehouses and Camps

Precast Multi-Storey Car Parks

Precast Housing Compounds

Precast, Prestressed Hollow Core Slabs and Walls, Double Tees, Solid Slabs and Beams


Boundary Walls

Ready Mix

Fibrex Ready-mix is operated jointly with SAKR BETON –Lebanon, a renowned ready-mix company specialized in supplying high quality ready-mix concrete operating since 1982.

Fibrex Ready-mix plant in Abu Dhabi is set to provide high quality services to both Fibrex Contracting’s large construction projects and external customers.

By providing an ‘in house’ service Fibrex ensure that they achieve the required quality of product and service, ensuring all pours are carried out on time and as planned reducing the risks inherent with using external suppliers.

Fibrex Ready-mix has an experienced technical team to ensure the uncompromising quality of concrete, services and deliveries.

Fibrex Ready Mix Services

Formulating and testing of mix designs to suit project requirements

Mobilising plant, equipment and personnel

Obtaining all the necessary permits and licenses

Sourcing of raw materials (cement, sand, aggregates and admixtures) and delivery lo site

Batching or raw materials to comply with product specification

Mixing either at our plants (wet mix) or in mixer trucks (dry mix)

Transporting the concrete in mixer trucks to the project site

Sampling for slump testing and producing test specimens

Discharging and placing concrete, either directly or using our concrete pumps


Curing of test specimens and compressive strength testing to ensure compliance with project specifications.

Waterproofing & Coatings

Fibrex Waterproofing & Coatings, a division of Fibrex Industrial & Contracting Group since 1972, is a leading player and specialist in Waterproofing Painting and Epoxy Flooring. The activities of this division covers the execution of vast array of waterproofing systems, special lining to reservoirs, crude oil tanks & water tanks, traditional waterproofing membranes for buildings, installation of expansion and bridge joints, sport pavements, epoxy flooring, interior & exterior paint and façade coatings.

This division seeks to achieve continued growth of its operating channels in the Middle East and the expansion in this area.

We are committed to provide excellent quality, and customer satisfaction as well as introducing the latest developments in its various activities. With 30 years of experience in every aspect of the above industries, from running responsive and reliable crews for large commercial & industrial projects to restoring the finest houses we have been entrusted by our clients for years whether for technical as well as aesthetic consultancy in waterproofing, painting on the interior or exterior for decorative purposes.



We offer adequate solutions to unique problems that imply responsibility in all our scopes of work. Our quest of total quality is backed up by detailed product information and application instructions provided by international manufacturers and partners. We believe that customer service should start with communication and end with complete satisfaction from the clients with their projects.

Water Treatment

1)     Water Treatment:

Fibrex Water Division specializes in the manufacture and installation of water storage and processing systems, swimming pools and water features.

Providing water storage solutions to both Fibrex Contracting and external clients Fibrex Water has completed a number of high profile projects.

Fibrex Water Division is operated jointly with CECOM; a leading Lebanese company specialized in water treatment and water equipment.

With this strategic partnership in place Fibrex Water Division are able to offer the implementation of all kinds of erection works on mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment, pumping stations, water treatment plant and installation of water public projects.

FIBREX and CECOM offer qualified executive personnel, including engineers, and technicians, with extensive experience of:

Water Projects

Pumping Stations

Water Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant

Instrumentation and Telemetry

Swimming Pools

Fibrex Water Division provides a complete range of services covering the full spectrum of system support and maintenance, from installation and start up to performance evaluations and water quality analysis.




Highland Division

Highland Building Products are manufactured in conjunction with the Wetherby Group of Companies which specializes in the manufacture of high quality construction products.

Technical Capabilities From our local production facilities we are producing high quality technically innovative products providing superior performance in the most demanding situations.

Highland Building Products employs highly qualified technical and laboratory staff who offer an in depth understanding of building materials and products.

Highland technical department are able to offer the following services to our clients;

Site visits, investigations and product recommendation Selection of raw materials

Design of products to suit clients’ needs

Monitoring of quality

Training of customers

Manufacturing Facilities

Highland Building Products have a fully automated manufacturing system that allows for the formulation of each product to be computer controlled, with batches weighed, mixed and packed under controlled circumstances.

Highland Building Products has the capacity to produce over 250 tones of powder products and litres 30,000 of liquid product per day.

The range of products currently offered to both Fibrex Contracting and external clients includes;

Tiling Adhesives & Grouts- Highgrout products for non-shrink & standard grouting

Mold Release Agents- Cretelease for concrete casting applications

Flooring compounds- Floor hardener and floor screeding products

Waterproofing- Highseal products for all waterproofing requirements

Concrete Repair Mortars- Highcrete products for every aspect of concrete repairs

Backing Coates- Keycoat products for surface preparation for plastering

Cement Plasters- Fibrocem products for plaster applications to concrete walls

Additives & Admixtures- For all type of specialist concrete uses

Insulation Systems- For all types of insulation requirements

Masonry Mortars- For all types of block laying & fixing

Curing Compounds- wax based, silicate based and polymer based curing compounds


All Highland products are fully Quality Assured and have achieved British Board of Aggregmente Certification.

Fibrex Pod Factory

Our ‘off site’ modular production facilities put the methods employed by Fibrex at the forefront of modern construction methods reducing the risks and uncertainties encountered on site.

By producing high quality bathroom pods in a controlled factory environment for delivery and installation at site saves both time and money for our Clients.

Each pod undergoes rigorous quality assessment before leaving the factory, with every unit subject to integrity testing of the structure & plumbing and inspection of the finishes to ensure zero defects and complete customer satisfaction. The factory finished units are delivered to site where minimal site works are required for installation the units allow for significant program and cost efficiencies to be realized.


* Full potential of GRC POD’s could be utilized making the whole construction process more economical and less labor intensive by prefabricating areas of buildings in factory conditions.


* Fibrex provides readymade bathroom units incorporating finishes as part of the manufacturing process.


* The process of manufacture utilizes special molds which allow the bathroom to be manufactured as a single unit integrally waterproofed and incorporating all finishes and services.

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Since 1972 Fibrex Construction Group has evolved into one of the major turnkey construction groups in the region handling projects in the Gulf and across the Middle East of various categories ranging from residential, commercial, leisure, private, governmental and educational categories. Its 12,000 experienced personnel are backed up by a fleet costing over AED 250 million in heavy machinery and equipment that will make sure that all your construction needs to build your future projects are secured.


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