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Alupex - Aluminum Composite Panels sold under the brand name Alupex, is developed with the objective of supplying superior quality panels for modern day construction.

Alupex range of composite panels is manufactured by multi layer extrusion lamination where two skins of non corrosive special grade Aluminum is sandwiched on to non – toxic polyethylene thermoplastic or a fire retardant mineral core. The external skin surface is available in various finishes and colours made from PVDF paint coatings.  Key features of this product include; attractive designs, durability, longevity, smooth surface, high tolerance and easy installation to name a few. Manufactured by Interplast which is a flagship of group Harwal, the company has 15 years of experience in metal coating and extrusion lamination and has a capacity of manufacturing over 3 million sq. meters a year. 

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lnterplast was established in 1981 to manufacture PVC compounds and over the years has developed an extensive range of compounds for different applications such as sidings, pipe fittings, cable insulation, sheathing, containers, rigid and flexible profiles as well as clear tubing. In 1983, Interplast diversified into converting compounds into finished products with the introduction of DECODUCT Electrical Cable Management Systems. Starting with uPVC Conduits, Trunking and Fittings, Interplast has since added many new products to its electrical range. Major additions were Underground Cable Protection Systems and a range of wiring devices marketed under the trade names of INTERGARD and EDISON respectively and a full range of metal trunking and cable trays complete with accessories in co-operation with its sister company TSSC. The company further expanded its operations to manufacture flexible packaging and thermoformed products for the food industry. These products are marketed under the trade names DECOPACK and DECOFORM. Under the DECOPACK brand, the company developed a range of unique products that included plastic and paper luxury shopping bags and multi-layer films for various applications. Another significant development in recent years has been in the area of Home improvement products. lnterplast manufactures a range of PVC storage sheds. Window profiles, door panels, PVCsiding as well as fencing systems which are sold throughout the world. The Building Materials Division of Interplast is offering a new product range ALUPEX Aluminium Composite Panel, catering to the architectural and construction industry.

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