Transport Services

The primary goal of construction transport planning in a brownfield setting is to minimize the impact of construction on existing transport users and maintain safe access and mobility for community. Undertaking construction in a confined environment, such as a city centre, it is imperative to ensure reliability in the supply of materials to site and minimize the dwell time of materials at the site. That is, in an ideal world materials would be delivered to site when they are needed thus reducing the need to stockpile or store products on-site.

In a congested urban environment, this can pose an issue as delay associated with congestion can create variability in travel time to site. Delayed receipt of inputs can impact on overall construction efficiency. Image resultTo mitigate against such events it is commonplace to secure a staging area in proximity

to the construction site.


In a congested urban environment, this can pose an issue as delay associated with congestion can create variability in travel time to site. Delayed receipt of inputs can impact on overall construction efficiency. To mitigate against such events it is commonplace to secure a staging area in proximity to the construction site. This is an area where materials can be received and stored in preparation for a short trip to site when required. 

Concrete Pump Services

We offer the best concrete pumping service in Arizona. With office locations in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff, we are able to meet all of your concrete pumping needs timely and professionally. Mardian Concrete Pumping Co. has Schwing Concrete Boom Pumps, Putzmeister Concrete Boom Pumps, Schwing Concrete Placing Booms, and Schwing Concrete Line Pumps/Trailer Pumps.



Concrete Pumping specializes in both commercial pumping and residential pumping and have the operators, equipment and experience to handle the most difficult jobs. We are a long-standing member of the authorized pumping firm. We pump slurry to large aggregate concrete and have the capability of pumping up to 2.5″ aggregate and 213 yards per hour. No pour or project is too tough or large to handle. 

Laboratory Servies

We offer a comprehensive range of testing services in the fields of physical, mechanical, chemical testing of construction, engineering materials, Steel, rock and minerals, Chemical analysis of water and waste water ,diesel and oil, Environmental testing, and geotechnical investigation.

MEACO's Labs young, skillful and experienced workforce delivers the highest quality, precise, reliable and timely results. All tests are performed to internationally accepted standards, procedures and specifications.


And are carried out using the latest equipment from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, in accordance with all relevant international and municipal standards and specifications.

Quality Control

The quality of all equipment, materials, products, structures and industrial plants must meet stringent regulations and standards. Our quality assurance and quality control services help you to ensure compliance with all contractual specifications, mandatory regulations and quality standards.

We can offer you independent verification, inspection and testing of all materials, parts, final products and plants – both off-site at manufacturers’ facilities and on-site during the construction process.

As the world-leading provider of quality assurance and quality control services, we offer you unrivaled experience stretching across every industry.

With state-of-the-art resources and expertise and a unique global network, we can provide you with quality assurance throughout your entire supply chain, in every corner of the world.




Alfalfa Hay:

Alfalfa is one of the most Important legumes used in agriculture. It is widely grown throughout the world as forage for cattle, and is most often harvested as hay. Alfalfa has  the  highest feeding value of all common hay crops,alfalfa is the highest yielding forage plant. Its primary use is as feed for dairy cattle because of its high protein content  and highly  digestible fiber and Secondarily for beef cattle, horses, sheep, , goats and camels.

We provide a variety of grades of alfalfa, dictated by market demand .We provide sun cured alfalfa hay, in various formats including double compressed small bales, half cut  small  bales, and large bales, as well as single compressed bales.

Timothy Hay:

It is commonly grown for cattle feed and, in particular, as hay for horses. It is relatively high in fiber, especially when cut late. It is considered part of the standard mix for grass hay and provides quality nutrition for horses. Timothy Hay is a staple food for horses, camels, and beef cattle, We provide a variety of grades of High quality Timothy Hay Double compressed.

Bermuda Grass:

Bermuda is a perennial grass which is growing in warmer, drier climates. It is grown for both seed and hay. As a hay it provides a moderate amount of protein and a good amount of roughage. since it is fine stemmed and soft, it is easily fed and, in very hot climates it is preferred by the animals over other feeds. Bermuda Straw is used in large quantities as a source of roughage.

Oat Hay:

Oats are an annual crop which is grown primarily for the grain. Oat hay is also grown and is a good quality feed. Oat hay provides a good combination of rough- age and some protein.

Alfalfa Pellets:

Alfalfa Pellets maintain all of the nutritional value of alfalfa bales. The vast majority of hay pellets are made from alfalfa.In this form, the product can be easily handled by the end user and others in the distribution channel.The easy of handling and the wide usage of hay pellets make them an important segment in our company product inventory.

Orchard Grass:

It is widely used for hay and as a forage grass. It is used as a hay grass and for pastures because of its high yields and sugar content, sweeter than most other temperate grasses. It is also extensively naturalizes in the United States and Australia; in some areas, it has become an invasive species. In the United States, it is commonly called "Orchard Grass", because it tolerates moderate shade an excellent feed for both Dairy and horses.

Pine Wood Shaving:

The quality of our product:

Our Suppliers monitors the drying process so the shavings have better absorbency levels. Pine Shaving is ultra compressed so each bag holds more product.

Once you use Pine Flakes, you will immediately see and appreciate the difference between our shavings and the competitors.

Our Suppliers go to great lengths to insure that they are producing the absolute best bedding on the market. Realizing that respiratory issues are of paramount concern to our customers.

Our Products offers a product which emits extremely low amount of dust particles, which in return, helps to maintain good health of the horse.

Our Pine Flakes comes in three types, Large Flakes, custom Blend or Small flakes



With a strong work ethic, experienced personnel and attention to detail, MEACO Landscaping is our contracting arm, capable of handling a wide range of projects in different build categories. We have specialist teams dedicated to various skill sets, from irrigation design and installation, to major steel and structural works. Our horticulture team is one of the most experienced in the UAE, able to handle works even on large scale projects. Our expertise is evident in the highly finished projects which are so proudly showcased by our clients

about us

MEACO, is considered as one of the leading Agriculture companies in the United Arab Emirates - UAE. MEACO, was established in 1987, and enjoyed for the last 29 years good success and a fine reputation in addition to strong experiences in Regional and International markets, and today is one of the leading companies in supplying Agricultural materials and Irrigation Materials, Agrochemicals, Veterinary products and Animal feeds and supplies to both governmental and private sectors. MEACO entered a new phase of its development in 2008 by forming a new Animal feed company (Middle East Fodder Company) and the aim to trade and export animal feed products in UAE and GCC retail markets, and within 5 years this division had expanded so fast and became the second larger Retail feed player in UAE. As a result we established exclusive distribution agreements with Leading US, Spanish and Italian Based Animal Feed producers and suppliers. In 2011 MEACO start diversifying its investments and as a result it was able to acquire substantial stakes in well established companies in UAE, such as Green Technology, Al Madaen Contracting, Heidelberg Printing Press, Konkord Logistics. In 2014 MEACO had also signed an exclusive distribution Agreement with Agromec Middle East for UAE and GCC markets, and their products include Fertilizers, Agrochemicals and Animal Health products. Also in 2014 MEACO had taken a major step in establishing a Feed Factory in Al- Ain (Middle East Feed Factory) and its aim to produce both High fiber and Concentrated feed pellets. Last year 2015, our company Emirates Agro Investment started its Animal Feed production Facilities in EUROPE (Spain & Romania) to produce TOP QUALITY of Animal Feed of all types and grains.

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