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Illbruck adds perfection – to all your sealing and bonding projects: be it windows, façades, interiors or exteriors, a major construction scheme or a minor refurbishment job.


TREMCO stands for lasting performance for flooring, waterproofing and in-plant glazing.

The construction world is faced with ever more exacting requirements and longevity is essential for every building application. That’s why TREMCO puts durability at the heart of its promise to customers.


Smart Protection!

Nullifire is at the forefront of smart passive fire protection. We are specialists, with one focus that has not and will not change - to protect people and buildings from fire. For over 40 years, Nullifire has been a market leader in intumescent and fire stopping solutions. Passive fire protection is highly complex but crucially important, especially as buildings become more sophisticated.

Nullifire has always innovated, pioneering water-based coating technology and most recently, the SC900 series, a fast-track intumescent coating that can save up to 60% on application and drying time. With a unique team of technical experts, everything is focused on providing what our customers need at every stage of their project - smart protection.


1. On-site support schemes for both architects and installers.

2. Target-group services, sustainability-orientated services, as well as A-partner programs.

3. Free moisture testing service.

4. Nullifire service and support.

5. Hygrometer readings and visual inspections.


a. Bonding & Sealing :- As a future-oriented company, we are able to say: Bonding is the new drilling!

Time and cost savings, safe installation and lasting quality and adhesion make professional adhesives an attractive and innovative alternative to drilling.

b. Airtight Structures:- "Air-tight construction" means a structure for which the entire building envelope is airtight. Using special systems, problem areas such as the roof, walls and façades and even windows and joints are sealed airtight.

Advantages of air-tightness

• Avoid structural damage due to moisture penetration into building components

• Improve the quality of living by reducing drafts

• Increase sound insulation

• Save energy by avoiding uncontrolled ventilation heat losses

Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection starts right from the planning of a building. In the planning phase, the requirements in terms of fire protection are defined, structural fire protection provisions taken into account and concepts for fire prevention worked out.

Passive fire prevention can be subdivided into three further main categories:

1.Structural fire protection includes all measures connected to the construction or modification of a building.

These measures focus on

• how the construction materials use respond to fire

• the fire resistance duration of construction products

• constructing supporting and fire integrity structures in line with standards

• dividing a building into fire sections using fire partitions and fire doors

• Fire compartmentalisation

• Escape route planning

2. Technical fire protection includes the technical equipment and systems in a building that provide adequate protection against fire and facilities to fight any fire that occurs, such as

• Gas or smoke alarms

• Sprinkler systems

• Smoke and heat extraction systems

• Systems to retain fire extinguishing water

3. Organisational fire protection supplements structural and technical fire protection with measures such as

• Alarm plans

• Fire protection policies

• Labelling escape and rescue routes and keeping such routes clear

• Displaying information on what to do in the event of a fire

• Training on handling flammable materials

Interior- Flooring

Tremco illbruck provides systems for constructing the underlayment of flooring: with our comprehensive product range of damp-proof membranes, underlays, smoothing compounds and adhesives, we will ensure that your property has a solid base.

Flooring provides a permanent covering for the ground. When choosing the right type of flooring materials, various factors must be taken into account: price, usage, noise insulation, hygiene requirements and more. Flooring is subjected to frequent wear and tear, meaning that a durable, low-maintenance and robust solution is needed.

Tremco illbruck matches high-quality products with expert technical support and ensures that the end result is safe, resilient and durable. 90 years of experience combine with innovative visions for the future: tremco illbruck will help you to achieve the best possible results.


Tremco illbruck stands for innovative technologies, solution-oriented products and professional expert advice in this field.

We are leading providers of reliable waterproofing solutions designed to prevent stresses caused by water and dampness to buildings and usable surfaces. In particular, our systems provide a specialist solution for heavily loaded substrates, extreme weather conditions and stresses.

about us

Tremco illbruck  LLC is a European manufacturer and service provider of high-performance sealing, bonding, flooring, waterproofing, and passive fire protection for the construction and manufacturing industries. We provide a broad range of reliable products and services under our product brands illbruck, TREMCO, Nullifire and PACTAN. With nearly 80 years experience, we have an unrivalled understanding of our customers’ business. Our local presence means we are on the ground daily, helping our customers make the most of our products and responding rapidly to their questions. We understand specific local markets, standards and regulations, and actively incorporate customer feedback. Our tailored solutions ensure our customers’ success in every project. tremco-illbruck was created from the merger of tremco’s European Sealant and waterproofing Division with illbruck Sealant Systems in September 2005. Tremco’s net revenue were $435M in 2013. Employs 1,100 people in 25 countries worldwide. The powerful combination gives tremco-illbruck a leadership position in the sealants, bonding, flooring, waterproofing and passive fire protection markets throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.


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